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Articles by Scott Winship

The American Dream Is Not Dead

Scott Winship | 07/07/2014

Intergenerational mobility has emerged in recent years as a bipartisan policy priority. To the extent that upward mobility rates are low the health of the American Dream is called into question. However, there are many misperceptions about the state of economic mobility in the United States


Work-Promoting Safety Net Reforms Have Helped the Poor

Scott Winship | 06/20/2014

To a greater extent than we often admit, policy debates between left and right often run aground simply because we lack evidence sufficiently strong to adjudicate between competing arguments. So while one participant may convincingly beat back Claim A, the other retreats to Qualifier B or New Claim C. The empirical debate continues until Qualifier F is reached, at which point the honest response is often: “Maybe.”

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