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Articles by Scott Winship

Conservatism And Y Combinator's Proposed Basic Income Research

Scott Winship | 01/28/2016

Many of our antipoverty policies have disincentives for beneficiaries to work, marry, save, and invest in their skills. At the same time we’ve reduced the poverty rate, out-of-wedlock births have exploded.


Which Safety-Net Programs Responded To The Recession?

Scott Winship | 01/13/2016

Where is the evidence that welfare reform increased, rather than lowered poverty? 


Welfare Reform Reduced Poverty and No One Can Contest It

Scott Winship | 01/12/2016

Even without taking the safety net into account, poverty is lower than it was at its pre-welfare-reform peak in 1993. Any other evidence about what happened during the recession or about trends in this or that part of safety-net spending is simply noise.


Conservative Reforms To The Safety Net Will Reduce Poverty

Scott Winship | 01/08/2016

Why did poverty fall? Work played an important role.


Being a Member of the "Hollowed Out" Middle-Class Never Felt so Good

Scott Winship | 12/14/2015

While middle-income adults, by Pew’s definition, have shrunk by 11 percentage points as a share of the population since 1970, 7 points of that decline is due to more Americans’ being in the upper-income group. 

Too many analysts and observers are so hung up on inequality that it is self-evident to them that small increases in income polarization — as distinct from the large increase in income concentration at the top — constitute a devastation of the middle class.


New Report: When Moving Matters: Residential and Economic Mobility Trends in America, 1880–2010

Scott Winship | 11/10/2015

In recent years, observers across America’s political spectrum have expressed concern over declining residential mobility and its implications for economic mobility in the United States. There is a widespread belief that Americans’ economic mobility has declined and that Americans are also less likely to “move to opportunity” than in the past. These two assertions have been linked to argue that falling residential mobility is an important factor behind diminished economic opportunity in America.


What Lower Labor Force Participation Rates Tell Us About Work Opportunities and Incentives

Scott Winship | 07/16/2015

It is my belief that much of what we think we know about living standards, economic insecurity, and the state of the economy is incorrect, based on a mistaken read of the available data. Our misinterpretation of the data, more often than not, translates into an exaggeration of the economic challenges we face.


Shrinking Households Indicate Rising Living Standards

Scott Winship | 07/06/2015

When looking at trends in household income, it is important to adjust incomes for household size when analyzing trends in living standards because households are smaller today than in the past.

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