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Articles by Scott Winship

Sorry EPI, The Rich Did Not Steal $18,000 from the Middle-Class

Scott Winship | 01/14/2014

The next two years are sure to feature myriad claims that rising income inequality has hurt the middle class, necessitating liberal policies to pull down the top. Invariably, these claims convey overly negative impressions of how the middle class is doing, omit important contextual details, exaggerate the extent to which inequality has risen, or otherwise present an inaccurate case that inequality is the source of all our troubles. 


Did Inequality Rob Middle-Class Households Of $18,000?

Last week, the Economic Policy Institute released a report on trends in wages, earnings, and incomes called, “Wage Stagnation in Nine Charts.” The report, by EPI president Larry Mishel, Elise Gould, and Josh Bivens is a greatest-hits compilation of EPI’s attempts to show that the American middle class is in trouble because of rising inequality. It arrived just in time for Congressman Chris Van Hollen to appropriate one of the charts for a presentation at the Center for American Progress laying out a new Democratic agenda to reduce income disparities.


Labor-Force Participation Among Men Is Declining As Disability Claims Rise

Scott Winship | 01/13/2015

The Great Recession amplified the economic anxieties that Americans experience in good and bad times. It also focused policy and media attention on economic problems that predate the downturn by decades.


Workers Get The Same Slice of the Pie As They Always Have

Scott Winship | 12/17/2014

A couple of posts ago, I showed that when analyzed properly, hourly pay has risen just as much as productivity since 1947. The keys to getting the analysis right are to


Expand Opportunity to Boost Growth

Scott Winship | 11/26/2014

Over human history, nothing has expanded opportunity more successfully than economic growth. Indeed, growth is nothing if not a machine to fulfill ever more of the wants and needs of ever more people. But economic growth alone has been insufficient for ensuring equal opportunity to benefit from growth or contribute to it.


Are Democrats Out of Data Analysts?

Scott Winship | 11/20/2014

Ezra Klein recently took up the question of whether the Democratic party is out of ideas. I tend to agree with Yuval Levin that both the Left and the Right haven’t modernized their agendas. But there might be a more pressing problem for Democrats: Are they running out of rigorous, clear-headed data analysts, too?


Steven Rattner’s Missing Case for Reducing Inequality

Scott Winship | 11/18/2014

Since Americans are less likely than Europeans to worry about inequality, it should come as no surprise that we redistribute less than in continental Europe. Rattner does not like that we distribute less than he would prefer and that our taxation levels—as progressive as in Europe—are lower than he wants. But the public does not share his preferences, and he has given them no reason to reconsider their views. 


Income Inequality Is Good For The Poor

Scott Winship | 11/05/2014

A comparison of global data shows that developed countries with more income inequality have higher standards of living for the poor and middle class.


Inequality Does Not Reduce Prosperity: A Compilation of the Evidence Across Countries

My findings cast doubt on claims that rising inequality is responsible for slowed income growth in America—and they suggest that attempts to reduce income inequality, in the U.S. and elsewhere, may not produce higher living standards among the poor and the middle class.


Inequality Does Not Reduce Prosperity

Scott Winship | 10/29/2014

Since the Great Recession, inequality has loomed large in policy debates in the United States and around the world. Losses from the recession and the slow pace of recovery since have fueled concerns that inequality is not simply unfair but harmful. 

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