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About Us

Welcome to e21, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to economic research and innovative public policies for the 21st century.

We aim to advance free enterprise, fiscal discipline, economic growth, and the rule of law.  Drawing on the expertise of practitioners, policymakers, and academics, we will encourage a spirited debate about the way forward for democratic capitalism.  And we will do so in a manner that is accessible and engaging, in a way that appeals to both experts and non-experts.

We have a broad definition of “economic policy.”  We cover macro and micro issues across a variety of policy areas are organized into the five categories of budget, energy, finance, healthcare, and employment.

To advance this mission, e21 will offer the following resources:

  • Commentary Daily insights on complex issues in a brief and digestible format.
  • Research

    Policy proposals to address pressing economic concerns from thinkers across the political spectrum.

  • Morning eBrief Each weekday morning, e21 delivers a short email that provides a snap shot of the day’s economic news. These eBriefs include e21 exclusive commentaries and the top articles organized into five sections: Budget, Energy, Finance, Healthcare, and Employment.